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Hello guys!

Spare me 15min of your time, let me introduce you to the most amazing online and digital business that have earn me more money in Euro this lockdown period.


CROWD1 is the most amazing business that pays you in hard currency ()

What is Crowd1: is a global online crowd marketing and networking company that is affiliated to the gaming and entertainment industry. Crowd1 is 100% mobile business

The link below is a recorded webinar you may want to click on it for a more detailed explanation or you continue with the reading below.



How to Earn in CROWD1


1.click the link below to register and be a member: Request a link

  1. Buy your preferred package.
  2. Start sharing this business opportunity with other people
  3. Get 2 people and put 1 on your Right and 1 on your Left to unlock your affiliate Bonus.
  4. Get 2 more people to qualify for Level 1 Matching Bonus. That is 10% of your downline’s Earnings.
  5. Continue sharing the business. Now Check your Stronger and Weaker leg. Concentrate on your Weaker Leg. Go to your Settings and make sure. that whoever you enroll goes to the Weaker leg to Unlock Earnings on the Stronger leg.
  6. Continue Networking and try by all means to have a Minimum of 20 Direct Referrals to qualify for Level 5 Matching Bonus, pls note you must also be on the Titanium package too. Remember in Crowd1, the Bigger the Team, The More The earnings in Euros.
  7. Support your Team.
  8. Make sure you know your business, be Well informed about Crowd1.
  9. Don’t listen to Naysayers, people who know nothing about Crowd1 who try to discourage you.
  10. Have a Vision of Where do you want to see yourself and the team in the next few months in Crowd1.

Work to qualify for the cruise ship trip. The money will always know your address.



#Impossible is Nothing





Direct Referral Bonus:


This is a bonus earn when your referral buys one of the following packages:



White  ? €99  (45k)

Black ? €299  (135k)

Gold ? €799   (360k)

Titanium ? €2499  (1.125k)




80% of your commissions go to account balance


20% of your commission goes to your owner’s rights for dividends paid monthly



36 commission for a 99 package

28.80 – goes to your account balance

7.20 goes to your owner’s rights


Streamline Bonus


A line indicating your level of movement in the business based on the amount of your own effort/performance and number of persons that have joined after you globally. Payment ranges

€ 2.5 – €2500


In Crowd1,  we get paid owner’ rights per week, depending on your level. This is your streamline bonus that is converted to crowd1 rewards.


Levels are from 1 to 15.


Level 1

Gets €2.5 a week = €10 pm

Level 20 (Top Level)

€2,250 a week = €9,000 pm

This earning also has a lot of variable put into it. Like that your current package is a determinant, the number of persons that have joined after you is also a determinant, last the number of persons you also brought in too.

What is fear of Loss Bonus


Bonus that u qualify for when u recruit 4 members in the business “within 14 days of joining the business”


“Fear of loss bonus is paid according to the package that u have bought”


White – invite 4 members = €125

Black – invite 4 member = €375

Gold – invite 4 members = €1000

Titanium- invite 4 members = €3000


Binary Bonus


Each new signup gives you a different amount depending on their package level and your imbalanced points in the left / right binary leg.


You need 1 personally sponsored member with a paid package in each leg to get payments activated and earn for life.


White – earn €18 Up to 36 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.


Black – earn €54 Up to 108 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.


Gold – €144 Up to 288 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.


Titanium – €450 Up to 900 if you have imbalanced points to cash out.


?How do I earn Max €18 and how to get Max 36? This depends on your streamline level as per the package u have bought


Potential Bonus


Funds due to u, ready to be released when points from your both left and right leg are imbalance, 90 points on left/right, will release only 36 and balance will be carried over on the strong leg(depending on package bought)

This 36 will be divided into 20/80


80% will go to your balance to withdraw immediately


If you doubt it you can browse and make research on CROWD 1 so as to be sure of what you are doing click the link below to register:






or call 09023269431


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